The Story of Bloom

Sunday mornings are truly sacred days in my world.

Imagine this... The sensation of silky, smooth skin against fluffy white sheets. The sun rays dancing across the ceiling as I fill my cup of yummy and soak in the experience of fully feeling myself.

This precious weekend goddess ritual allows me to pause and deeply reconnect – to infuse and nourish my soul and body with a little more sweetness and joy, using the juiciness of self-care to play and grow.

Embodying your femininity is one of the most powerful things that you can do.

I truly believe that when you honor your unique beauty, you’re that much more inclined to pass on that good energy to others. And what is self-care, if not the act of being good to yourself? Self-care isn’t selfish, quite the opposite: when you feel good about yourself, you radiate beauty and kindness to others.

When you fall in love with taking care of yourself - everything changes.

I have always been fascinated by the beauty of life. As an artist, musician, and longtime yoga student and instructor, the intertwining of art, rhythm, nature, and the human form deeply resonate with me.

But going to esthetician school, I never bought into the superficial idea of making someone “beautiful.” Beauty should not have any flat beauty standards or limiting ideals. Beauty is yours to design into whatever you want it to be. Our bodies are our temples and our works of art, and finding the sweet spot of celebrating ourselves in our own skin is what it’s all about.

Sugaring fell into my lap - literally.

My journey into the world of sugaring was unconventional. Long story short: sugaring found me. My first job fell into my lap (I literally got hired on the spot while getting a Brazilian ha!) and the more I’ve learned about the art of sugaring – the more I’ve fallen in love.

Fast forward, I now own and operate my very own sugaring business – Bloom Sugaring, and I couldn’t be more excited to have started this journey.

I built the Bloom Sugaring brand on so many personal values that I wanted to share with clients through an incredible customer service experience. The Bloom Sugaring brand stands for: luxury, escaping the everyday stressors, embodiment, indulgence, joy and laughter, and above all, a luxurious self-care routine.

Bloom Sugaring is a supportive, safe space, free of judgment, and full of body positivity and self-love goodness.

I’m a huge fan of simple self-care practices because that makes them more likely to be sustainable. This is the simplicity of making sugar a part of your self-care routine – simple yet so empowering and sweet!

As an indulging expression of self-care, each session caters to shed the stresses of life by pampering you every step of the process. From 100% organic sugar to flawless technique and all the products I use – everything goes to the idea that everyBODY is beautiful, fabulous, and a work of art.

I’m excited to invite you to visit Bloom Sugaring and make sugaring your sweetest self care ritual.

Love, Ariel xx