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About Sugaring

What is Sugaring?

Pinky’s up!!! This beautiful golden glob of goodness is all we need to take care of your hair removal needs. That’s right, no sticks or strips needed! Sugaring is the clean beauty treatment you’ve been waiting for.

Sugar is a natural form of wax made out of sugar, water, and lemon juice. This ancient technique of hair removal has been reimagined for modern sugaring needs resulting in completely natural hair removal and because it’s body temperature – you’ll never have to risk getting burned.

Sugar only adheres to hair and dead skin cells, unlike wax, which sticks to your live skin cells. The sugar is massaged onto the skin in the opposite direction of hair growth, and as the hairs are combed straight in that direction, the sugar begins to seep inside of the follicle, taking a 360 degree hold of the hair.

The hair is then removed in its natural direction of hair growth, and truly from the root, diminishing the probability of broken hairs, ingrowns, and irritation! Say hello to an overall more comfortable hair removal experience!

What is Sugaring

Benefits of sugaring

100% Natural

Organic with no sneaky additives

Longer Results

Hair grows back more fine, soft, and sparse

Less Discomfort

A more gentle form of hair removal


Bacteria is unable to grow in large amounts of sugar

Eco Friendly

Fully biodegradable

Body Temperature

No burns